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Monday, July 04, 2005



We have given and given and the poverty has grown more significantly ...I welcome those in the know about poverty to explain the condition in Africa ... I am not asking for self-roightous blaming of the West ... How about the enlighten set to address theproblemin a honest manner ... I have no problem with the concert ... great music is always a good thing.

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BECTU’s position was that they would represent any member disciplined for refusing to work on this week’s QT. Surely they could have sidestepped the anti-union laws by invoking health and safety to pull the plug on the whole thing.It’s our responsibility to stop fascism. And calling for the media to hold our hands and do it for us simply does not further that goal.

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What's next? Why, the G8 summit at Gleneagles, of course. For media and other G8 links see Robin Grant's post on blogging the G8. Meanwhile Channel 4 asked some bloggers Does the G8 Summit matter? Most of the blogger's replies were short, provocative and worth a read.

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