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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Edward Hugh

"so the best thing to do is to grab a copy while its still on the newstands".

Grab a copy? What kind of non-virtual world are you living in 'new' economist? :).

Incidentally, it's a good job advertising regulations are non too strict these days, 'everything you need to know' includes a lot of things which are just unknowable right now, like just what's been happening to their oil consumption (see econbrowser). We don't even have any accurate population or fertility figures, which is one of the reasons we can't answer the key question: will China grow old before it grows rich, or vice versa? Here's something I don't see covered in the BW issue:


New Economist

Hmmm. Given that my time is precious and the nearest newstand is right next door to where I get my daily caffeine hit, I'd rather pay £3.40 for my own glossy full-colour copy than spend ages at work printing off 21 separate black and white articles. The printed version also has plenty of photos that don't make it into the online version.

P.S. At this rate I may need to make you my official guest blogger, Ed!

Edward Hugh

"Given that my time is precious..."

That's why I think you should read these things online. Think of the trees and the energy saving too :). As well as avoiding libraries, I have given up on magazines and newspapers too.

"At this rate I may need to make you my official guest blogger, Ed!"

Well remember that many a true word was said in jest :). But actually I'm enjoying a bit of blogging abstinence by having the free time to comment.

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