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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Edward Hugh

Isn't this really a case of what you ask for is what you get: trouble. If Mandelson had stood firm with the laggard producers in the first place he would have avoided all this. What a mess. Mind you the old style feminists will probably be happy :).

"The European Commission was hoping retailers would simply switch to European manufacturers"

Yes, well he obviously also forgot one other very important issue in economics: timing. Isn't the argument that they do all the 'just in time' stuff - eg Spanish Inditex - nearer to home (often, of course, availing themselves - ahem, ahem - of undocumented migrants) and all the seasonal stuff at a distance. So what they have stuck in the ports is all this autumn's new releases.The FT keeps mentioning the retailers are threatening legal action. Power to their elbow, right on!


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