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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Anju Patel

Really Informative! Thanks for publishing this.If Indian textile is facing any threat then its none other than China.China is real competetor of India.
My whole family is also related to Surat Textile Business. I am also doing a course in textile designing to help my fathers business.
Textile is one of the businesses of India which provides large number of emplyement.
Surat Textile has made great contribution is development of Surat.



The real power behind Surat Textile is its work force. Most of the workers of Surat Textile are from Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Orrisa.
The scene can be seen at railway station of Surat when there is festival in those states. Textile Workers of Surat go to their native place to attend their relatives.Real Crisis I saw in textile market in 2006 when there was flood.


GR international is a reputed manufacturers and exporters of Agarbatti, Agarbathi, Incienso, Incenso and Sahumerio in India

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Technology is the driver behind more eco friendly agriculture and manufacturing, finding alternative fuel sources and reducing the environmental footprint.

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India's growth rate have actually not ahead of China yet.There are many mistakes China has made, which let us hope Indians won’t make. It would be interesting to see how these two nations fare during next 20-30 years. Though Indian democracy has been curse in short run, in long run it will benefit Indian economy and society both.


textiles switching over to india along with lots of techie based labor. What market will india go after next?

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india seems going in the right direction

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About one third of total Danish employment is in the public sector

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