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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Atanu Dey

India's economic growth since 1947 to about the mid-80s was dismal by any standard and was the result of Nehruvian socialistic command and control policies. It is interesting that once again Hindus have to be blamed for Nehru's screwup. Nehru was emphatically anti-Hindu and India (80% of which is Hindu) suffered as a direct consequence of Nehru's policies. I call the dismal economic growth of India as the "F**k-up Nehru" growth or FUN rate of economic growth. My vehemence in this regard is because as a Hindu I am offended by morons who attribute to Hindus Nehru's clueless policies. Nehru was a champion screwup. His cluelessness was all-encompassing and omnipotent -- he messed up industrial policy, domestic policy, international policy, labor policy, agricultural policy, the list goes on.

Calling the FuN rate of economic growth "Hindu-rate" is adding insult to injury. Hindus can do without it.

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