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Friday, September 16, 2005


Edward Hugh

"Peer review: Always get an experienced person to proof-read, review and validate you final report. Get them to provide constructive feedback."

Well, well, well :).

"though finding someone with the time and inclination to critique your work is seldom easy"

Oh, really.

At the end of the day, I have a pretty out-of-season view on all this. There is a thing called 'the right stuff'. Unfortunately you either have it or you don't. Worse: I would say economics has a lot to do with intuitions and feelings.

One of the few things I really agree with Paul Krugman about is that Rudi Dornbusch was one of the few theoretical economists who had what it takes to bridge the gap between theory and life, even if he got it wrong a lot of the time (Argentina).

This is what I appreciate in Brad Setser, even though a lot of what he says is misguided (wrong theories) he has a capacity to get to grips with economic realities which is far from common.

"Get them to provide constructive feedback."

Recipe economics, I don't buy it :).

Edward Hugh

"A good analyst welcomes criticism and embraces the pedant."

Crickey Angry Economist, I didn't notice this bit. This must answer a lot of questions I've been asking myself about New Economist :).

John F. Opie

Hi -

Been working as a forecaster for the last 15 years in a heavily commercial environment and all I can say is: yep. Best customers are the pedantic, annoying folks who end up paying you to do your job better.

Sometimes they can be incredibly stupid, but it makes you realize that your target audience sometimes can be incredibly stupid, or journalists. But I repeat myself. :-)

Example: an industry analyst from a large non-named bank who didn't understand why we did the following calculation: 1995 = 100. That person sat down and recalculated all the numbers on the table so that 1995 was equal to 100. Not the year, but the **number** 1995.

Next month we wrote Annual Index 1995 = 100.

Sounds absurd, but almost all of my customers are not economists and not even trained financial people. Making it clear to them usually means that you won't be misunderstoof by an economist either.

It's not pandering to the customer, it's meeting his needs so that you get paid.

That's why I agree wholeheartedly. I get dumped on a lot where I work, but you know what? I can take it and it lets me see where I am being unclear on a lot of things.



Sure, remember when you are right.

But, more importantly pay close attention to when you are wrong.

Study that example to discover why you were wrong.

Especially look for a bias in your approach.

You can learn more from that then anything else.

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