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Monday, September 12, 2005


Edward Hugh

"is the risk of the TUC becoming increasingly irrelevant."

Yes, well Tony Blair seems to have travelled to Brighton to make exactly this point to them:

"Tony Blair on Tuesday warned trade union leaders to modernise the labour movement or face terminal decline, as he rejected a shopping list of demands on pensions and workers' rights".

"In his most outspoken criticism for several years, he warned in a text released by Downing Street that trade unionism had “to undergo a fundamental modernisation” and that they would do themselves no favours by returning to the confrontational approach that marked much of Labour's second term in power."

"He went on: “Public sector pensions is high on our agenda too. But every government round the world is facing the same problem . . . The financial commitment is rising. We have together to find the right solution.” Echoing an earlier speech by Gordon Brown, the chancellor, Mr Blair said globalisation and emerging economies presented unions with a choice to work together “or decline”."

This is all from the FT


Maybe he'd been reading New Economist on his laptop during the drive down to Brighton. :)

Actually perhaps the most indicative feature of the decline is the fact that Blair explained this to them during a private dinner, years back, when they still carried some weight, it would have been mandatory for a labour leader to address the conference.

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