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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Edward Hugh

"at a lavish party, with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh among 650 guests"

Yes, although David Cameron and Kenneth Clarke were noticeably not among them. Her first and most obvious failing: a complete lack of compassion and generosity of spirit.

My 'charge list' would be a long one, but at the top would surely come the sinking of the Belgrano.

Devil's Kitchen

"My 'charge list' would be a long one, but at the top would surely come the sinking of the Belgrano."

What, the Argentinian warship? The most powerful ship in their Navy? The one that definitely wasn't going to come around the back of our fleet and attack us, no way Jose? The one that this article was talking about?

"Earlier this year the ship's captain, Hector Bonzo, admitted that the Belgrano's decision to sail away from the Task Force on the morning of 2 May was only a temporary manoeuvre.

"Our mission ... wasn't just to cruise around on patrol but to attack,'' Captain Bonzo said in a television interview in May. "When they gave us the authorisation to use our weapons, if necessary, we had to be prepared to attack. Our people were completely trained. I would say we were anxious to pull the trigger.''"

We were at war. The Argentinian Navy's most destructive cruiser is hopping out of the zone: where exactly was it going to go? Quick holiday in the Caribean whilst the country's at war? Yeah, right. The sinking of the Belgrano is about the only indisputably correct decision that she made.



To hell with relative trivialities like the Belgrano (Awful and criminal though it was)Thatcher and Reagan (As leaders of the Free World) were responsible for destroying any hope the human race had in social cohesion and cooperation. They preached selfishness and the proliferation of big business.

Now no one cares about anything anymore. There's no such thing as left and right, just a mish-mash of sloppy consensus because no-one cares about politics anymore.

Capitalism has won. And I think we'll see the crippling repercussions in the years to come.

Thanks Maggie.

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