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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Edward Hugh

"Indulge me..."

Something about your useage grates with me here. Normally when used transitively this verb is used reflexively: indulge myself etc etc. (this is what we are doing by being here in the first place :) ).

So I was going to suggest 'bear with me', however...

looking in the dictionary I now see that there is a transitive useage which might fit: you can ask the Catholic Church to indulge you, in the sense of issuing you with an indulgence, and maybe, since you seem to be getting hooked on a protest version of social arrangements, you may have been right after all :).

Edward Hugh

"The analysis also provides strong support for so-called absolute β-convergence among the Nordic countries."

Btw, I suspect that this is a very important point, and one good reason why a common currency regime among these countries might well have worked.

Tom Geraghty

Do you know whether or not the OECD have similar data on labor market regulation to the product market information you posted on awhile back?

New Economist

Yes the OECD published new estimates of labour market regulation last year in Chapter 2 of the OECD Employment Outlook 2004. See in particular the appendix to that chapter for the detailed numbers.


The Nordic Countries "success story" economies are a joke. I've been living here last couple of years after being dragged here by my wife, and trying to run your business here is tough. It just isn't a business friendly place at all. taxes in Denmark are 60-odd% as soon as you have the cheek to earn more than £35,000 a year!

My guess is that 50-70% of the population are in government jobs, and they rely heavily on exports of oil, timber and fish in order to generate the foreign earnings to pay for it all.

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