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Friday, December 30, 2005



Google rankings can and are regularly manipulated. So I suppose some clever folk could probably trick the H-Bots algorithm into preferring a certain version of history. I am quite curious which social group will be the first to try and succeed in doing so ?

Mike Martin

Yes, Google rankings can be manipulated by so-called google bombs. The best known early example, back in 1999, was when a search on "more evil than Satan himself" gave the Microsoft home page as the top hit. (The search now gives top billing to a CNN report of the incident.)

The folks at Google are continuously on the lookout for manipulations like this and take steps to prevent them from influencing page rankings.

Sometimes though there is only a narrow line between a google bomb and a validly ranked page.

Try a google search on "french military victories" for example.

But at all events, a single misranked page is unlikely to influence a consensus conclusion on a historical event.

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