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Sunday, January 22, 2006



It would be a lot more convincing if we actually saw much corporate growth. Profits have been excellent while revenue growth has been poor. While it can be used for innovation, there is little indication it has been used for that up to now.

Dan Harris

This is an excellent article as it actually presents a nuanced view of outsourcing. It is refreshing to see an article in a mainstream publication that does more than simply present outsourcing as either the end of employment as we know it or as the be all end all for every single company. ChinaLawBlog.com


The future, as I predict it,

Artificial Deflation:

many people vieing for jobs at Burger King for minimumwage, while those who have the jobs must compete with illegal aliens, all to spend their money at walmart on goods made in other parts of the world, b ut are VERY cheap.

very soon, none of us will be landowners.

Thank you Merchant of Venice, you have returned in the cloak of "global sourcing"


who is the authur of this work ?


In Communist countries there was a lot of secret construction projects. When these construction projects were completed, the workers who built them magically disappeared. It is not surprising that the IT workers in the US who build the current infrastructure are being disposed of first at alarming rates. How, by being ignored and replaced, making keeping abreast on technology worthless. Almost funny, many articles are claiming that only low unskilled work is shifted abroad, but it is ALL levels of IT! Oh and yes, 5% unemployment, should be much higher 'technically speaking' those who do not find work within a specified period of time are no longer 'qualified' for unemployment, therefore they are no longer unemployed!

r4 ds

I don't get how these imbeciles (Tmap) equate any of this with socialism. Outsourcing to private companies is capitalism. And when they demand extra subsidies - railways etc - it's like the Banks, privatising profits and socialising losses. I only wish the giants of capitalism had the true courage of their convictions in their hostility to socialism and would honestly have nothing to do with it. As it is, as events have proven, they are happy to cherrypick their disavowal.

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