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Sunday, January 01, 2006


William Polley

Happy new year to you as well! And I second your suggestions.



Happy new year, and i'll look forward to seeing your suggestions for increasing dialogues. Keep up the fantastic work.

Claus Vistesen

Happy New year ...

"More dialogues and debates between econobloggers, and greater interconnections and aggregation, would help build a better sense of community. I will soon be posting suggestions on how we might do this."

Good point; A nice resolution for the new year I should say!


Claus Vistesen

Roehlano Briones

Congratulations! Kudos, lots of valuable info, pointers, and discussion in your site, keep it up. In the Philippines we have a word for what we bloggers do: "info-tainment". Here's to an info-taining year to all of us!

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