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Monday, April 17, 2006


Mark Ehrmann


We the people of the United States of America are financially joined together through the process of taxation. Our accumulative assets are wealthier than any single corporation or country. Yet Congress freely spends our tax dollars without any financial compensation to us. This is a call for all Americans to demand that our tax dollars be placed in public trust as the FIRST BUILDING BLOCK of our National financial system that in turn will earn quarterly interest. Since “We the People” are the Government, we must demand that any loan from our Treasury to any bank, state, city or institution must include the structure of our free market principals to benefit the collective whole who participate in this taxation process.

We need to create a System of Federal Funds based on the collection of all our tax dollars. The uniting title for these funds would be "The USA fund". Each fund would be attached to the department that uses money from the American taxpayer. Examples would be: USA-Military Fund; USA - Health Care Fund; USA-Farming/Agriculture Fund; USA-State fund; USA City fund; USA-Transportation-road, infrastructure Fund; ....... on and on. We the American tax payer would be allowed to designate 25% of our Federal taxes dollars to these Federal Fund(s) of our choice. Every fund accumulates value via the millions of people who contribute. The value of these funds also increases as more people invest in them. These are not speculative funds, but rather funds backed by genuine assets of hard earned cash.

These Funds must become the first building block of our whole financial system. The federal government borrows money from the funds created by our tax base. All Banks borrow money from the Federal Government. USA FEDERAL FUNDS is the pool of real money that the Federal Government uses to lend money to the banks. The banks pay back the loans with interest. A small percent would also be charged to the bank to reinvest back into the specific fund from which the bank got the loan,

This system would unify America. Any money spent by Congress would have to be paid back to these Federal Funds of the American people. Any financial deal made by banks would generate a small percent of profit that could be spread to all taxpayers. This profit could offset the annual amount of taxes owed the Federal Treasury, or could be reinvested back into any Federal Fund. Taxation would decline, since the money used by the Federal Government would always be generating new wealth that is equally paid by all who participate in this financial system. All transactions would be held accountable.

Thanks for your time.

Mark Ehrmann
7455 Blossomwood Avenue. Sebastopol, CA 95472

David Friedman

Instead of creating all these various funds why not try something designed hundreds of years ago, say in the constitution.

No need for farming/agriculture, road, or health care funds as none are authorized for the Federal Government by the constitution. The only roads the feds should be building are in DC.

If we limited government to those few things allowed by law, taxation could drop, we could pay the bad debt our Pols have saddled us with in order to get elected and who knows, we might just become a nation that makes things.

Bill Murphy

The most effective stimulus would be national health insurance that replaced the employer paid plans. This would encourage greater hiring and freedom of movement by employees. It would also provide more funding to the health care industry which is based in the US(unlike most consumer goods). We could phase in a national sales tax to support health care as the recovery develops. No other stimulus plan would have as immediate and comprehensive an effect on the national economy and it would blow through the political barriers that have prevented it before.


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