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Wednesday, April 19, 2006



My impression is that hiring (at least for top companies) is more metiocratic in the UK than in Sweden. I am a swede and I've been to a few internship interviews in the UK and I was really suprised that I had to do IQ, arithemetic, and other aptitude tests. As far as I know in Sweden such tests aren't widely used. You just have a general interview which presumably is less objective than also factoring in performance on aptitude tests. Also fewer jobs are advertised publicly and hiring more often happens through contacts.

This is all purely anectdotal of course!


«My impression is that hiring (at least for top companies) is more metiocratic in the UK than in Sweden.»

Very very funny! Of course it is true if merit means ''the well paid safe jobs go to Oxbridge people where admission is largely won by paying a lot of money to go to a famous prep school''.

Or if you believe that merit means ''my dad and his dad were wealthy professionals and could buy me the shiniest credentials''.

Put another way: a few decades ago in England even the lazy or inept could get into good jobs if they had the right background.

That is largely no longer true; one has to be fairly good (zest and ability) to get a good job.

But this does not mean that access to good jobs is fair; it simply means that now one should have the right background _and_ be fairly good, it does not mean that being fairly good matters more than the background or someone who is fairly good but has a bad background has many chances.

Naturally while things are stacked heavily in favour of the reproduction of the elite, at least the lazier or less able scions no longer get a free pass and the better scions have to work a bit to get what is rightfully theirs, and great attention is paid to leave some minimal chances to the less fortunate...

After all "tokenism" is one of the most quintessentially english words (just like "uppity").


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