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Friday, May 26, 2006



Even when they are proved wrong, they’re unrepentant. That's why bloggers are important to spread the word for we cannot rely on Thomas Friedmans of the world to tell us the truth.


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This is an important contribution to the world of econ-blogging. I can only Second Thoma's thoughts and I really do think that blogging, as it has evolved among economists with an internet presence, is a testament to the power of knowledge sharing on the internet.

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Blogs are good thing because people can talk directly to each other.

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I wish they'd hold back, and make us want it a bit more.

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I broadly agree with each of these five points. Blogs certainly can add value - though we should remember they can also manifest less attractive behaviours too. It's a pity Mark didn't also cover some of those negatives. As he writes:

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