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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Aninda Mitra

What do you mean privatization is stalled? It never really began!
All said, "structural" reforms are not quite up to speed, although fiscal deficits are being slowly reined in. Systemic liquidity is narrow, banks' loan/deposit ratios are going through the roof, consumers are borrowing like crazy, the stock market is attracting new investors (either totally inexperienced or highly leveraged), equity valuations are looking expensive by EM standards, corporates are borrowing in FX as on shore corp paper is getting expensive. The finance minister keeps assuring all and sundry that mkt liquidity will be maintained. But irrational exuberance is leaping ahead of the govt's ability to deliver cyclical reforms (reining in the fiscal deficit), let alone structural reforms. Oh... and oil prices are high and are blowing a hole in the current account.

Parth Chandra

I am a student of Centre Point School Nagpur I am in 9th standard.i have a special interest to know about India's economics.i want to know the scope of becoming an Indias economist and hearing the recent deaths of farmers because of land problem as there production is not to high to sell their surplus so i have got an advice for indian government that they should use the collectivisation method either encourage the farmers to have an collective farming so production will be high and distribute the profit equally or govt should take these farms under her control and pay the farmer the fixed charges of labour cost to work on that farm so that he can make his ends meet and wont commit suicide(this is applicable only for poor farmers who have less that 2 hectares of land)

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