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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Ind Tv Forum

I believe drivetime is a corrupt business. in 2007 I bought a 2005 kia rio from drivetime. It was my first car and I knew little about buying cars. I am the first person in my family to ever have a license or own a car. Drivetime charged me over $23, 000 for a used kia when a new one is only 16, 000. On top of that, when I fell behind on my payments the called and offered me a payment plan in which they'd push the payment i was behind on back to the tail end of my contract pending I make a minimum payment on my debt. Its around this time that my mother dies due to heart problems. Somehow I managed sell everything I could to get enough money to pay drivetime what I owed them and tae care of my mother's arrangements. But, drivetime then told me that I was no longer eligible for the deferment and I remain behind to this day. My phone ring several time a day and I dont even want tot talk to those people because they lied to me about what theyd do while I used money that could have went to a memorial service for my mom on their lies.

Drivetime should go to hell. I deeply believe that these people have con'd me better than anyone in my entire life. I have paid them well over 20, 000 for a used kia and they still hound me every hour on the hour know damn well I have paid for the value of the car several times over. I fully agree with this cause and believe drivetime should be sued for corrupt business practices.

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