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Tuesday, June 20, 2006



Coming from Italy I can relate to the feeling of the author, but then the argument he makes amuses me because it is a variant of Reagan's famous argument, to ''get the government off the back of indians'' :-).

However the argument he makes is not quite:

«he argues that it is only by getting out of the way of its entrepreneurs»

because the negative externality of the indian government is more related to its inability to help (infrastructure: «Where it was desperately needed - in providing basic education, health and drinking water - it has performed appallingly») rather than ability to obstruct enterpreneurs.

About the predatory inspectors, that regrettable has been an indian (and italian) cultural trait for centuries. Landes in "The wealth and poverty of nations", chapter 11 remarks on the predatory attitude of government to business in India.

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"They just open up cheap private schools and clinics in the slums, and get on with it. This makes for a tough and independent people. Indian entrepreneurs claim that they are hardier and better because they have had to fight, not only their competitors, but also state inspectors."

I can relate to the feeling of the author, but then the argument he makes amuses me because it is a variant of Reagan's famous argument.


It's sad that some people live under these conditions.We should all make something yo help them.

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