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Tuesday, June 06, 2006



The market is bifurcated, perhaps?:

- amongst middle class women, employment may lead to more children (think Sweden)

- amongst women long term unemployed or who never enter the workforce, unemployment may lead to more children

You cannot make the analysis without a micoranalysis of which women at which income levels are having the children.

Arthur Eckart

Normally, there's a negative correlation between women's fertility rate and income rather than employment. Higher taxes and fewer workweek hours may lower income and raise women's fertility rate. Also, incentives by employers may raise fertility rates. Moreover, women who attend college and counted as unemployed may have lower fertility rates than employed women not interested in college.

Bishnu Thapa

There is a myth in some developing countries that Total Fertility Rate is directly proportional to the Rate of unemployment. As someone from a developing country, I had certain amount of credibility in this myth. I had, however, never tried to think deeply about it. Recently, I tried to test that hypothesis, as a part of classroom project for my stat class, using the data from unstat.un.org and I was somewhat surprised to know that there is actually a negative coorelation between UE and TFR (not that the coorelation was very high, though). I ran simple linear regression model to come to this conclusion. As I think about it, it does seem somewhat counter-intutive. Well, well.......

Account Deleted

Yes I agree with this the fertility rates and female employment rates are positively correlated. Now a days women are a step ahead in every field then men. I got to known one portal http://naukriforwomen.com which is totally dedicated to female job seekers.


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