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Tuesday, July 25, 2006



Has this "gender gap" been corrected for qualifications and experience? Expecting a woman with fewer qualifications and less experience to earn as much as a man with more is absurd. It could be that a woman with equal ability, education and experience to a man actually earns more, which is certainly the case with blacks and whites.


I would assume that women are more likely to take care of children who get sick even if they have male partners. Which might explain why they take more "offs". Your company is likely to let you take leave if you - yourself are sick, as opposed to your child having taken ill.

Maybe if more men start contributing proactively towards child rearing.. etc. etc.


Robert, the gender gap generally refers to the difference between the earnings of men and women that *cannot* be explained by differing qualifications, experience, etc. Controlling for these variables reduces the "naive" wage gap significantly, but never entirely -- equally qualified and experienced women earn less than their male counterparts. (Caveat: there is always the possibility of a missing variable lurking in the gap's shadow.)

Similar studies have been done across ethnicity/race instead of gender, and show that when you plug in relevant variables like years in labor force and highest degree completed, whites/caucasians have the highest expected earnings. Equally qualified blacks earn less, statistically. In the paper I found, the only exception was Japanese, who earned more than others, measured characteristics the same.


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It could be that a woman with equal ability, education and experience to a man actually earns more, which is certainly the case with blacks and whites.

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