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Tuesday, August 15, 2006



IBM will get their head handed to them. When IBM first moved to India I said that it would not be long before Indians would say why do we need to charge IBM overhead for India labor. That is happening and Indian firms are winning business in the US, without IBM, and they are beginning to hire US employees.

Once IBM starts treating their Indian employees like their US counterparts they will be complaining about a skilled shortage in India also. The problem for IBM isn't a skills shortage, the problem is IBM, anyone with a brain doesn't want to work there or has been fired.

All you need to do is take a look at IBM under Palmisanno. Not only is the stock down big on his watch, but that includes $17 Billion in buybacks, stealing the pension fund? Top line growth - non-existent. The only sure bet at IBM is Palmisallno's $10,000 a day pension while everyone else at IBM loses theirs.


"The problem for IBM isn't a skills shortage, the problem is IBM, anyone with a brain doesn't want to work there or has been fired."

Hmmmn, the company must have changed greatly since I worked there - in the 80s.

If so, a shame really. It was (then) a good company to work for, with lots of growth, lots of personal responsibility and, as I recall, a good number of very competent Indians (managers and software analysts) who could not find work back in India.

How times have changed ...


I agree with me...the situation of ibm india is very very grim.If u cannot perform but can sit...u can expect to grow here.Whereas if u have brains and u want to prove urself...forget it, u will be crushed by one and all.


me_ann: "Whereas if u have brains and u want to prove urself...forget it, u will be crushed by one and all."

Yes, well, it's back to the rice paddy, then?

What is it that you want, finally? Sock it to IBM because it is an exploitive multinational or obtain outsourced contract work from the world's largest market for it?

Make up "ur" mind. Cuz ya caint hav both.


Kind of dichotomy in IBM's approach in India. Talk about aggressive expansion plans in India, on the other hand hiring executives with rather dubious credentials at top positions ( maybe a desparation to fill those roles ). recently found out that IBM India had hired couple of Country Manager level people in areas like Financial Sector, even those kind of people ( Bankers etc ) with know unethical reputations in the Industry..


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