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Thursday, October 05, 2006



We all immigrated from Mars.


"The good news from other OECD countries with a longer history of having a mass foreign workforce is - don't worry, it won't hurt."

I'm sorry, but have you spent much time in California lately? Tried to enroll your child in a school there? Had to go to the hospital there? The state is bifurcating into wealthy, white enclaves like Palo Alto and Newport Beach, surrounded by overcrowded, poverty stricken immigrant ghettos.

Immigration is a complex subject and there are plenty of ways to mess it up. Simplistic immigration = good policies are asking for trouble.


"But until recently Britain - like Ireland - was a net exporter of workers. "

There are workers and workers.

Britain exported mainly hi-tech personnel towards the US where the market need (research, development, and operations) existed. Many have returned.

The people entering Britain today are not of that calibre, and they are direct competition for jobs that the Brits do not seem any longer to want to do.

The first professional association of Italian waiters in London opened in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It was a social point as well as a "union" of sorts and also a recruiter of labor for Italian-restaurants throughout Britain.

Each wave of immigration has its peculiarities. Some political repression, but mostly economic refugees.

The owner of an Italian restaurant once said, "The Brits haven't the foggiest notion of what 'al dente' means ... "


Interested readers should check out a new database of health professional emigration from Africa to nine OECD countries including the UK. This is the first database of its kind measuring sector-specific migrant flows. At the Center for Global Development, we are currently working on a number of migration projects focusing on the impact of migration on sending countries. The study is headed by Michael Clemens and promises to add a healthy dose of rigorous empiricism to an all-too-often anecdotal debate.



"The study is headed by Michael Clemens and promises to add a healthy dose of rigorous empiricism to an all-too-often anecdotal debate."

Oh, really? The 25,000 Africans who have arrived on Spanish soil (mainland and Balearic), since January ... that figure is "anecdotal"? Only 8% have been repatriated and therefore remain (illegally) in Europe.

Pray tell, what information from the "sending countries" is going to elucidate this economic migration? (Since it is not immigration.) Apart from the fact that they are incapable of an economic activity that would retain them by employment.

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