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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


David Wiczer

I also noted this article when it was published and thought that Krugman failed at the crucial first step: to define his terms (as ought any good economist). He's fallen into the classic pitfall of a policy critic, looking to other side of the Pond for greener grass, but he never sufficiently defines the object of his idolization: what is it that the British do better?
He mentions that the UK spends more on a tax transfer and the minimum wage is higher. But these are not free and one can understand why some British would be unsatisfied that the benefits do not justify the costs. If Krugman is going to write a commentary he has to do a better job at explaining how the UK does it better, but instead he falls into hand wavy arguments about MPs being more "serious" about poverty.
I wrote more on the subject: Be More British

Arthur Eckart

David, I agree, an explanation of trade-offs would also help. For example, would small business owners want heavier regulation for more or larger government programs? Or would workers want more income, benefits, or work at the expense of fewer jobs or opportunities?

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