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Saturday, April 28, 2007


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I was diagnosed for breast cancer last year during the awareness campaign. Now is my turn to stand for the cause and educate others.
Wear the pink ribbon and become a part of breast cancer awareness campaign.

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China's situation is very much a like the begining of US industrialization...

Workers' rights, insurances, policies, discrimination, child labor, shifts.. all those topics were difficult to surpass in the US history, and all of them gave this country the opportunity to grow as how it is today.

It is also known that several companies denie allthose rights in pro of their profits.. his is against immigrants and little or unskilled labor...
US shouldn't criticize China, they should start trying to solve their oun problems

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That's because China's burocracy is really tough!!
It's easier for them to control all information against them.. in that way, Of course are goint to be crticize.. but have the information to take a possition about it!!
Studies wil depend on the info they want people to know!!!

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