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Monday, May 14, 2007


Adrian Butterworth

"It must be tough being an economic journalist in Britain these days. Low unemployment, over a decade of robust growth, rising incomes and wealth... hardly the sort of news that might get your story on the front-page."

This ridiculously smug words sounded stupid two years ago. You must feel downright embarrassed to read them today. It was as plain as day to any idiot that Labour's "low unemployment", was an illusion. In the last decade, almost all the new jobs, (at least 40% of it in the state sector) were taken by immigrants, while the number of British-born unemployed in receipt of welfare benefits has remained constant. They were simply transferred from the list of unemployed to the list of sick. All obvious of course to any intelligent person.

'over a decade of robust growth', rising incomes and wealth..."

All a mirage, based on easy credit, asset value inflation, and public and private debt ... obviously!

"The only "seedy dreamworld" in evidence here is that of a disenchanted left-of-centre hack trying to beat up a crisis where none exists. Try sticking to the facts in future, Larry."

Whoops! But Larry did stick to the facts. You were the one who ignored them. Oh and by he way, what's so 'left-of-centre' about sound finances? So I guess living beyond one's means is 'conservative' then?

You total numpty - do yourself a favour and take a course on economics.

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If anyone could be coining it in the I told you so stakes, it's Larry.

You must be embarassed to read what you what you wrote then.


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Is it absolutely necessary to be an economic moron to be a "London Based Economist" or just a nice to have?

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