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Monday, June 18, 2007


claus vistesen

Interesting perspective on India ... thanks!

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really interesting


Just a note of reality here...Someone like me who worked in the Indian Financial sector few years back knows the hard fact that a very huge percentage of the Indian Financial Services Firms(even the Big guns) have grown over the past decades essentially through highly coterie based and non transparent systems ,also taking advantage of highly corrupt environments. It is easy to be impressed by the the statistics on paper, but do we really believe that the essentialy corruption based mindset in Indian Financial sector can be changed so easily, just by showing good growth numbers or new technology based systems etc..

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Great post.
I agree with you India is rising from past few years and competing other nations financially.
As many politicians working hard to make India superpower. I'm really happy to India is progressing very rapidly. As India is democratic country and each and every one has right to express themselves.
Thanks for this post.

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Very very good article !! I love it. I felt very good and stress free after reading this article. I will also forward this article to my friends also.

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Interesting perspective on India ... thanks!

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. I felt very good and stress free after reading this article.


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