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Thursday, October 04, 2007



Check out my opinion about Reservations in INDIA


How long does this headache of having reservations goes on?? there should be a full stop for the reservations i strongly condemn these reservations this is all a political game no way this generation requires reservations and no one is treated as untouchables. India will grow only when we consider all are equal and remove these reservations and give chance to merit people to grow.

Only Merit can bring country forward remove reservations plzzzz... keep reservations in government jobs but remove atleast at the education level...

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The statement that the so called low caste people in India are also low class is wrong. And 50% poor in India are from so called low caste is also wrong. The so called low caste people constitute about 24% of total population and then how come 50% poor in entire India be from that category. The caste based oppression stories from India are not totally correct. It is just a misnormer. Actually those who are rich does discriminate the poor irrespective of their caste. And today in India one is modern if he humiliates and teases others and shows no respect to elders and others. They say that it is western style, which cannot be true. Everyone should know the truth that old hindu texts doesnt define the caste in this way, but says that caste is based on ones attitude and behaviour and not by birth. Oppression, untouchibility, and so on were due to the social, economic and administrative systems that were privalent in olden times and no caste or community can be held responsible for it. would you kill a young innocent muslim in US because a terrorist killed a westerner? The answer is NO. Think before accepting those fabricated stories from India!

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that has been the tradition since middle age. India still practice its caste system in all status of life.

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