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Monday, February 04, 2008


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Sudhir Venkatesh is a young sociologist who studied a Chicago crack-dealing gang from the inside; he captured the world’s attention when it was first described in Freakonomics. Sudhir befriended members of one of the hardest crack dealing gangs in Chicago in order to produce sociological research that the academic world had never managed to obtain before. He followed the gang (the Black Kings) for the best part of ten years and will give a frank, accessible account of what he learnt..

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Everyone is aware about the illogical things going on in the world as mentioned in the post like loves seems irrational,individuals do strange things: take drugs, mug each other and many such we things come across in our daily life, but in fact there are no solution to such illogical deeds. No once can stop an individual doing strange things as no one can interfere in his personal life, no one can oppose rational things happening because of love because love is blind and so on so its better to live life thinking and leaving the things as it is.


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everyday insanity, hidden incentives are at work, and Harford shows these incentives emerging in the most unlikely places. Using tools ranging from animal experiments to supercomputer simulations, an ambitious new breed of economist is trying to unlock the secrets of society. The Logic of Life is the first book to map out the astonishing insights and frustrating blind spots of this new economics

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Love seems irrational, and so does divorce. On a larger scale, life seems no fairer or easier to fathom: Why do some neighborhoods thrive and others become ghettos? Why is racism so persistent?

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I've never heard of those books before but, by the inside information you give about them I really want to get them.

Specially the one of Tim Harford, It's difficult to understand how a boss with no real skills for that job got there.
Why poverty is that mayor problem but it seems impossible to put it an end!!!


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"The Logic of Life" seems to be one of a kind book!!
I understand how difficult is to analize economial information, specially bwecause Even Economics is a subjet about nimbers and financial situations... It is a social carrer. one that gets all analitical information in a social perspective!!


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