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Thursday, August 21, 2008



Now the countries in Asia like China, Thailand will have no choice but to sell dollars in order to protect their own turf of fleeing investors.

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I hope you are right, that is that i hope our nation did not give up on itself!

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Perhaps the reasons are mostly Political. Its like giving assurance to the public-the government is on top of things. Most people on the main Street don't understand concepts such as opportunity cost -let alone figuring out various morphs of Capital. Most,however,do understand a hefty reserve with a Lock on it -for insurance and emergency purposes.

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Empirical analysis does not suggest that reserves are too high in the majority of Asian countries, though China may be a special case. Much of the reserve increase in Asia can be explained by an optimal insurance model under which reserves provide a steady source of liquidity to cushion the impact of a sudden stop in capital inflows on output and consumption.


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The authors use a model for the provision of two goods economy facing terms of trade and assistance in obtaining the optimal level of reserves by comparing the cost of holding reserves with their benefits as insurance against a shock.

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As what BBC quotes, "The world is changing Asia, and Asia is changing the world". Reserves could not just be the only advantage Asia has towards the world. Before most of the products I'd seen are "Made in USA", now not a single item in our house states the same, even if the companies are from the USA. But, "Made in China".


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