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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


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Though a financial planner may make developing a financial plan easier, hiring one is not at all a necessity. There are many books, computer programs, and other resources available to help individuals with financial planning. Furthermore, there is a wealth of related information available on the Internet.

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Every time something like this happens, there's always someone who "saw it coming". Quite amazing how things like this still goes down though.


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Banks are unwilling to rely on the statements or guarantees of their counterparts. As central banks have been injecting hundreds of billions in capital markets to address the liquidity spiral and to ensure the solvency of major financial institutions.

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The easy answer would blame the handful of engineers and financiers. But the real culprit was greed, reinforced by the lousy risk management and lax prudential standards of most major banks and their clients, many of whom bought products they did not understand.

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Where they will lend, they charge higher rates of interest to cover their risk

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Now that government has created the housing bubble it is on to health care!

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The credit crisis came about in the United States Chairman of the Subcommittee or the financial markets negative as they were encumbered with clients or borrowers who could not keep up with payments. This effect in the end the investors hold debt and thus is no longer in the market for these investments to exist.

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A rise in interest rates made housing prices plummet. Why did this situation force home owners to default on their mortgage payments? Was it because they couldn't keep borrowing against the value of their homes and using that money to make those mortgage payments? And if so, wouldn't these home owners have reached a point of no return, even if interest rates had remained low?
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Humanity, the information society, knowledge economy, knowledge-based economy will define terms such as Ahmed studied a new form of society have experienced pain of passing,''özgürleştiriyor member of the Internet on the one hand, is making him out as the producer and consumer on the other hand the organization of the broad masses of the world, together to produce , contributing to act together,''he said.

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