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Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Global Financial Data is the premier provider of historical financial data that analysts need for a thorough study and analysis of today's global markets.

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OK so its a year on and the banks have survived...just! With a lot of help from UK plc! Looking back it's not pleasant reading and frightening to learn how close the financial sector came to complete meltdown.

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Great explanation of what was going on a year ago! A few TV shows documenting how close the entire financial sector came to imploding...not sure if even a year later it is all over. Only time will tell!

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Global financial markets continue to be fragile and indicators of systemic risk remain elevated. Credit quality across many loan classes has begun to deteriorate with declining house prices and slowing economic growth. The resilience of emerging markets to the global turmoil is being tested as external financing conditions tighten and policymakers face rising inflation.

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Governments should take several steps to address the crisis, including injecting capital into "viable institutions" and "carving out bad assets" from banks, according to the IMF.


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Very nice and interesting article. Risks to financial stability are from when, when the recession starts. This would occur because Government does not plan before the time and the result is the whole economy is suffering.

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The IMF goes on to estimate that only to prevent the situation from deteriorating further, capital-wise, an injection of 500 Bn USD would be necessary in fresh capital during 2009 and 2010 for European and American banks together, only to avoid them failing. That means as much more money in bailouts. The intelligent reader will have noticed that there is no talk whatsoever of “profits” and unlike many who have just begun anticipating an era of renewed profitability for banks, the future looks bleak for obtaining any profit at all in that sector.


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Let me just make this thing very much clear for the people who are under wrong impression that if your credit rate is bad ans as time will pass it will gradually rise again so this is completely false thinking. It will rise only when their unpaid due will be paid off and their debts is no more pending to be repaid, they are complete debt free person.

Olga Lednichenko

the question is : after all the TARP and the bailout - why aren't banks lending?

if banks wont lend - there is not an easy end to this mess - THEY created

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nesher, israel


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The credit crunch ain't over.


pretty indepth information here, it gives me a great insight into the way you see things in your country, in the UK many people lived beyond their means but now it is way too far across the other line, in fact the taxpayers money has bailed the banks out and they are now squeezing the consumer who paid them the money in taxes.


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but by keeping taxes low, fair and simple. I've been looking for a way to take action and contact our legislators and sign petitions and found some good policy the U.S. Chamber of Commerce backs

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The new adminstration wants China to trade its goods for U.S.

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Interesting post. You might also be interested Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives.

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