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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Ben Shomshor

Welcome back.

Jorge Moromisato

Indeed, economists have lots to be modest about. However, it is not just about the recent and ongoing financial crisis, but mostly about the failure of economics to solve the centuries old problems of poverty, unemployment, business cycles, gross inequality, etc.
Mainstream economists—not to mention those at the periphery—disagree fundamentally about crucial issues such as balanced budget, taxation, monetary policy, foreign trade, public programs, etc. If medicine were in the same state of confusion as economics is today, the plague, smallpox, and other old diseases would still be rampant, and the outbreak of any infectious disease would paralyze the nation. Physicians would be wringing their hands trying to convince the rest of the people that those things are beyond human control; while the quacks would be enriching themselves by selling ineffective or even harmful remedies.
The economics discipline has degenerated to such extremes that it is now impossible to tell a quack from a serious economist.
I am trying to start a movement to reform economics--Reformation-E. Please join.
My website: REIDenver.org

Jorge Moromisato
Reformed Economics Institute
[email protected]

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welcome back New Economist..

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